Jun 1, 2011

Beginning Boutique Photoshoot...

One of the things I LOVE about our little laneway is all the lovely visitors that pop by each day! The place is always a hive of energy and activity! Our little store has had a few lovely folk drop by lately to do some fashion photography.

How sweet is the above shoot with Beginning Boutique, who were kind enough to send some of the shots they took our way, makes stationery look rather glamorous doesn't it?

images via Beginning boutique.


Danielle said...

This photoshoot is lovely! And I love when you post blog entries. Your blog is so pretty to look at.

Matt said...

Beautiful Shoot!

thea said...

Eeeeek! Thats exciting... Creative realms collide... and with Spoonful there too - I actually eeked out loud :)