Oct 18, 2011

farewell... sort of

Hello lovely blog friends and LJS customers,

Today we have some rather big news to share with you all... Little Jane St have decided to close the doors to our retail space in Winn Lane, Brisbane. It is a little bit sad to be leaving but mostly a happy time as we take the next step to grow our little business.

We have all heard about the effects of the 'recession' within the retail world, and let me tell you for someone with limited experience in retail other than the fact I once worked as a check out chick in coles, it has been tough! As a result I have found myself quite honestly completely out of my depth!! In turn I was faced with a difficult decision of priorities. I soon took on working in the shop 6 days a week at the cost of my creative self, family, friends, sanity and ultimately the side of the business I was most passionate and personally fulfilled within soon suffered. So you see, in the end for me my shop was not something I was passionate enough to keep going at the cost of my creative journey, nor at the cost to my collection or wholesale business. It was soon clear that I had mixed up my priorities.

In saying all of that, although I did eventually realise I was on a separate path to my heart, this was in fact a VERY hard decision for me to make because I just adore my little shop, and more importantly the community that exists within Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley. We started as the first little shop in this laneway beside the popular Flamingo Cafe and have eagerly watched this space morph into something really special! With all the building complete you will now find 5 amazing retail shops including vintage fashion and handmade jewellery, a hairdresser, cafe and art gallery. Local Brisbane people out there who complain that our city is boring compared to other states... you're simply not looking hard enough! Now is a crucial time for these small businesses and they need our support! Where possible please support local business and local artists because it is this diversity that makes us who we are, we shouldn't be trying to emulate what people in Melbourne have but rather supporting the little guys out there who dare to take the risk and in turn ensuring the growth of a great, culturally diverse city. It has been a privilege to work within and contribute to one of the many upcoming creative precincts within Brisbane.

You may or may not have noticed it has been very quiet on the Little Jane St front of late and now you know why! However as of this Friday (which is our last day in the shop) things will hopefully change, and let me tell you there are some BIG changes on the horizon for me which I will tell you all about a little later! First up I will start creating again, lots of dreaming and designing. I will make big messes, have less stress, more time for friends and family, have my weekends back and enjoy what comes next! No pressure.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Little Jane St, popped in for a visit, supported our shop, purchased cute things - we have made so many new friends and I can't wait to see where this adventure leads us! Remember we are only closing our shop space so you can still find our range of Little Jane St goodies online and from our fantastic stockists throughout Australia.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alarna, (it's Bobby)

I was just thinking bout you & the store and then I read this news on facebook.

Sad to see, but as you've said, it's not the end, in fact i'm sure it's far from! It's important to learn from 'mistakes' & continue to grow which is i'm sure what is happening right here.

I look forward to seeing what you do next!

Amanda Thorson said...

This is sad, but i'm so happy that you aren't closing online...cause i was just about to put an order in!

Sarah said...

Alarna, I am so sad to hear your news about the shop. Completely understand your position in putting so much in and sacrificing so much.

It's so hard at the moment, retail is really hard, and being a small business is even harder. Good on you for taking the big leap and helping others to follow. We do hope Winn Lane continues to blossom and more people invest in the little guys.

Most of all make sure you follow your heart, and do what makes you happy.

fine and sunny said...

Hi Alarna

So sorry that you have had to close your doors, we understand the hard work - it sounds like you have made the right decision for yourself.

As Marsha Hines would say "Stay true to yourself girfriend"!!!

Annie & Shell
Fine & Sunny

Claire said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear it Alarna.. I'm bummed I never got to visit! :(

I can't wait to see what you're up to next though, I'm sure it'll be exciting!

Thea said...

Hi Alarna, Sorry that you have to close the shop but I totally understand about not having time to be creative and enjoy a social life. I think you have made the right decision. It really is hard trying to do everything. All the best for your future plans. xx

Alex Louisa said...

Hi Alarna,

I thought things were quiet! So sorry to hear you are closing your little shop, but very happy to hear it is for all the right reasons! You wrote such a lovely post about it :)

It would be nice if 7 people could open a shop together, so each person only had to sacrifice one day each week to run it... but of course that is a perfectly idealised view of the whole thing!

Am looking forward to hearing about these big changes on the horizon. Enjoy the creating, dreaming, designing, mess-making and less stress-making! You deserve it :)

x Alex.

alex sunday said...

i was just wondering why you hadn't posted for so long. sorry to hear that you're closing but i hope you feel some relief and excitement about getting back to creating. it sounds like you do! looking forward to updates!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alarna,
All I can say is congratulations on making the right decision for yourself. There's no point continuing on with things when their not working. It makes great business sense to focus your energy where it's needed. And I bet, being true to yourself never felt better!
x KT

Cheri @ Lola&Bailey said...

Sorry to hear – retail isn't doing very well at all. Sad news, but I'm sure great things are instore for the future. I know since closing L&B life has been on the up and up! All the best, Cheri

Kylie C said...

I'm very sorry to hear this Alarna, but I don't blame you at all. I wish you nothing but happiness and awesomeness for the future.


Kylie said...

Oh no! My daughter and I were just talking yesterday about how we have to visit soon and now you're closing! So sorry to hear this. We own a retail shop too and it has been really tough this year - I totally understand. I'll be popping in before Friday definitely. Kx

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Alarna,

Very sad to read this news. I agree with everything you said in your post. We all need to support our local stores.

I'm sure the pressures of running a retail store will now ease and your creativity will flow.

I will look forward to following your new journey through your blog.

Anna Spiro

katiecrackernuts said...

Sounds like a well thought out decision and one I know you could not have taken lightly. Good luck with the next chapter and I can't wait to hear what's coming.

Vari L said...

Well done for making such a massive and difficult decision! Having a creative business myself, it's always challenging to find that balance. It must feel amazing to have made the decision and be moving forward in a positive way that allows you to re-engage the passion in your work and spend that precious time with friends.

Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

n o o k said...

Alarna, your ability to take risks & grow is something I greatly admire about you! Your little shop will be sorely missed. However, you're one talented designer lady and I can't wait to see what the future brings!
Hope to catch up soon. x Michelle.

Leni said...

Alarna, you're amazing. Your style and creativity has honestly inspired me more than I probably even know!

You do what you know is right for you.

All the best, and hopefully run into you soon. Love Leni x